Scottsdale Boxing Club   10810 N 71st Pl 101 Scottsdale,AZ85254   (480) 483-2898
Scottsdale Boxing Club
10810 N 71st Pl 101
ScottsdaleAZ 85254
 (480) 483-2898
Scottsdale Boxing ClubPersonal training | One on one boxing | Group fitness(480) 483-2898
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About Us
Are you looking for a fun, professional, and engaging boxing club in Scottsdale, AZ? At Scottsdale Boxing Club, it's our honor to train boxers in learning the sport as well as perfecting their techniques. 
Through our classes, we'll show you how to bob, weave, and take hits like a champ. Whether you're a professional looking for a few new pointers or a beginner eager to get started, we are ready and able to help you win the fight. 
Why Boxing?
Boxing is a fun and engaging sport that trains nearly every element of the body. Through boxing, you learn how to move, duck, dodge, and throw a punch. 
At our fitness center, we'll help you develop your strength as well as your cardio so you can perfect your movements. Additionally, we'll give you the practical techniques that you need to improve your overall health. 
Lastly, boxing is great for self-defense, so you're always prepared. 
Our Trainers
At our boxing studio, we staff amazing and friendly trainers who will help you at your pace. Our trainers are all highly experienced and will help you achieve your fitness goals. On our staff, we have a world champion, Olympic gold medal winner, Arizona state champion, and an International Boxing Federation champion.
Paul Pelletier: Owner/AFAA Certified Trainer/USA Boxing Certified/20-year Navy Veteran
Nicole Greene: General Manager/ NASM Certified trainer/PWR Parkinson's Coach Certified/USA Boxing Certified Coach
Fidel Hernandez: USA Boxing Coach/Professional Boxer/Arizona State Champion/International Boxing Federation Champion
Vassiliy Jirov: USA Boxing Coach/Olympic Gold Medalist/Val Barker Award winner/ Cruiserweight Champion of the World
Fernando Munguia (Djfernando Phoenix): USA Boxing Coach/Lead Trainer
Sandra Munguia: Asst. General Manager/USA Boxing Coach Certified
Ignacio Orines: Assistant Coach/Army Veteran
Felix Morris: Front Desk/Assistant Trainer
Additionally, we provide group fitness opportunities as well as one-on-one sessions. 
Visit our gym for a tour or call us at (480) 483-2898 today for a membership. 

We are located at 10810 N 71st Pl, 101, Scottsdale, AZ.

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